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HSEC 695
Internship & Work Experience

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In this course, students choose a work experience, or internship related to homeland security, emergency management, law enforcement, intelligence, homeland security, counter-human suffering, counter-drug or national security.  Students will select, interview and obtain the internship or work experience on their own through normal employment interview processes, so it is suggested to start early to find a viable option.  Students must average 20 hours per week of documented work experience or internship during their chosen HSEC 695 course semester. 

Student can view examples of organizations that previous HSEC alumni have chosen for a work experience or internship at  The HSEC 695 course emphasizes cooperative exercises and work experience with first responders, homeland security officials, and/or non-governmental organizations on local, regional, national, and/ or international level. Maximum credit three units applicable to a master’s degree.