Admission Overview

Apply Early starting Oct 1st! We begin reviewing applications mid-October and Interviews begin in December for the following academic year. Hint: Apply Early!

  1. Review the Frequently Asked Questions (before Oct 1st)

  2. Apply to University via CalState Apply (Oct 1 - April 1 - Make sure to select the CORRECT application for the San Diego or Imperial Valley campus)
    • Skip the optional Personal Statement
    • For HSEC Imperial Valley (IV) program, you must specifically select "SDSU Imperial Valley"
  3. Send Transcripts to Graduate Admissions (Oct 1 - May 1)
  4. GRE Scores
    • The GRE exam requirement has been permanently eliminated from SDSU HSEC
  5. Apply to the HSEC Program and Upload Supplemental Material to Interfolio Apply (Oct 1 - May 1) for the HSEC San Diego program or for the Imperial Valley HSEC program
  6. e-Request Letters of Recommendation via Interfolio
    • Two letters from academic references
    • One letter from a professional reference
    • Only electronic recommendations allowed (input emails)
  7. Upload Personal Statements to Interfolio
    • Two-page double-spaced statement giving reasons for choosing Homeland Security as a degree objective
    • Two-page double-spaced statement on applicant's qualifications and degree-relevant life experiences
  8. Upload Unofficial transcripts to Interfolio
  9. Upload current résumé or curriculum vitæ to Interfolio
  10. Wait for invitation to interview
  11. Once your invitation to interview is received, book an interview appointment.

Helpful Tips

  • Interviews are usually scheduled December-June as applications are completed
  • We receive a very large amount of COMPLETED applications in Oct-Dec, so apply early!
  • More information available at Graduate Admissions