Admission Overview

Apply Early starting Oct 1st! We begin reviewing applications mid-October and Interviews begin in December for the following academic year. Hint: Apply Early!

  1. Review the Frequently Asked Questions (before Oct 1st)

  2. Apply to University via CalState Apply (Oct 1 - March 1)
    • Skip the optional Personal Statement
    • For HSEC Imperial Valley (IV) program, application period is Feb 1 - April 30
      and you must select "SDSU Imperial Valley"
  3. Send Transcripts to Graduate Admissions (Oct 1 - April 1)
    • Official transcripts from all colleges you attended (How to send transcripts)
    • For HSEC-IV program, transcripts are due by April 30
  4. GRE Scores
    • The GRE exam requirement has been permanently eliminated from SDSU HSEC
  5. Upload Supplemental Material to Interfolio Apply (Oct 1 - April 1)
    • For HSEC-IV program, materials are due by April 30
  6. e-Request Letters of Recommendation via Interfolio
    • Two letters from academic references
    • One letter from a professional reference
    • Only electronic recommendations allowed (input emails)
  7. Upload Personal Statements to Interfolio
    • Two-page double-spaced statement giving reasons for choosing Homeland Security as a degree objective
    • Two-page double-spaced statement on applicant's qualifications and degree-relevant life experiences
  8. Upload Unofficial transcripts to Interfolio
  9. Upload current résumé or curriculum vitæ to Interfolio
  10. Wait for invitation to interview

Helpful Tips

  • Interviews are usually scheduled December-April as applications are completed
  • We receive a very large amount of COMPLETED applications in Oct-Dec, so apply early!
  • More information available at Graduate Admissions