Courses Offered

Students must complete 30 units of coursework in an officially approved program of study while maintaining a minimum 3.0 GPA in the program and no less than a C grade in each course (each course is 3 units). Click red course links for more information:

 Core Courses  (choose all)

HSEC 601: Seminar in Homeland Security FALL

HSEC 602: Homeland Security Science & Technology FALL

HSEC 603: Emergency Preparedness & Response SPRING

HSEC 604: Law, Society, and Homeland Security SPRING

 HSEC Electives  (choose two)
 Non-HSEC Elective  (choose one)

  • CJ 520: Prosecutorial Function
  • CJ 570: Organized Crime
  • SOC 743: Crime and Justice Theory
  • JMS 590: Crisis Communication Proj Mgmt
  • MIS 691: Decision Support Systems
  • MIS 696: Scientific Inquiry and Business Research
  • MIS 755: IS Security Systems
  • MIS 752: Global Supply Chain Management
  • RWS 640: Research Methods in Rhetoric and Writing Studies
  • LATAM 550: US-Mexico Border Perspectives
 Required Activities  (choose all)

HSEC 695: Practicum (Internship/Work Experience)

HSEC 797: Study Abroad (requires approval and written consent)

 Thesis or Project

Planning Meeting (scheduled with directors)

Thesis/Project Writing (1-2 semesters)

HSEC 798: Thesis Research (or special studies as directed)

HSEC 799A: Thesis (Plan A) (traditional published work)

HSEC 790: Project (Plan B) (unpublished presentation)

HSEC 799B: Time Extension (for Thesis or Project)

Graduation (pending acceptance)

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