Seminar in Science & Technology in Homeland Security

This class is designed to provide class participants with an overview of Science and Technology in Homeland Security, provide introductions to faculty and regional experts in different fields of science and technology, and provide an over-arching insight into grant writing and resource utilization in Homeland Security with an emphasis on science and technology applications. This semester will focus on Natural Disasters, International Trade Optimization (revenue generation), and international collaboration (especially with Vietnam, Indonesia, India, and Mexico). The focus will be on empowering you as a manager to evaluate science and technology solutions so that you know whether they are small and inexpensive, time-consuming and expensive, or impossible at this time---basically how would you strategically accomplish Homeland Security goals in science and technology as a manager including before, during, and after natural disasters.

We will use Homeland Security Community of Interest tools such as the Homeland Security Digital Library and other assets from the Naval Postgraduate School and their Center for Homeland Defense and Security as well as DHS and professionals organizations focused on Homeland Security. We will also use web sites such as extensively.

Outside Activities: Many outside activities will be made available to students to participate in if you would like. These are not graded and don't provide "extra credit" but do provide significant connection into the Homeland Security Community. Students are not graded on whether they participate, but will greatly enhance their "take-away" from the program. These activities include:

Participation in professional organizations in the region such as:

Primary effort will be focused on developing possible answers and solutions for Natural Disasters globally---including working with Prof. Kevin Robinson with Geol. 600 class "Natural Disasters and Global Trade". Will be folding both these classes into the x24 Mexico major effort with Prof. George Bressler (Adjunct Faculty from Viz Center and from Global Borders College of CBP in Harper's Ferry, West Virginia), and CPT Chris Maxin (USN) who is leading the science-based scenario for the effort.

Natural Disasters or Real Homeland Security Events: During the semester, if any major natural disasters or Homeland Security events occur, class will likely focus on the use of Science and Technology for assisting in the response to these events, especially cross-border events or opportunities. Major event that fits this is Exercise 24 (x24) Mexico, which is Google Apps web resource that Viz Center (Eric Ackerman, Mike Hennig) does.